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System monitoring – Remote data transfer

In order to always keep an eye on the current function and operating parameters of a system, we recommend our HM remote plant monitor. It permits recording and analysis of any operating behaviour deviating from the target status in our remote centre. This provides an effective relief for the customer. In case of a fault, our service engineers can react more quickly and remove the cause. We offer the options of wired or radio-based solutions in this area.

Optimal energy efficiency thanks to remote data transmission

This service offers a high benefit as compared to its costs, since energy efficiency can be monitored around the clock along with improving plant availability.
Many systems require step-by-step adjustment of the settings after commissioning until a balanced operating condition has been achieved. This system optimisation can cover a period of up one to two years until all operating statuses are known and the environmental conditions have been sufficiently tired and tested. The data saved can be used to analyse the operating behaviour of the system along the timeline as well as its energy efficiency.

Benefits of remote monitoring – Remote control

  • Short times to reaction at system faults
  • Early recognition of wear, gradual loss of efficiency
  • Measuring, monitoring and analysing the operating parameters and energy demand
  • Increasing the system and device availability and energy efficiency
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs