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Fault management – Repairs

Customer service, direct line: +49 7344 9692-888

Professional repair of a defective chiller is decisive for value preservation and availability. Our service engineers are practised at finding the causes of faults. The service office procures the matching spare parts. Then the system is repaired again. For older refrigeration plants, the refrigerants used partially no longer meet the legal requirements. Switching refrigerants should always be considered when high GWP-values* require frequent tightness tests. For the sake of the environment and in order to save costs, we recommend retrofitting for a new refrigerant.

* Global-Warming-Potential (GWP) or greenhouse potential


For systems with a high availability demand, preventive maintenance will offer benefits. We recommend preventively replacing any parts that are approaching the ends of their service lives due to wear or that put a strain on the system's energy efficiency before a defect shuts the system down. This way, plant faults due to part failure, in particular at high loads, can be reduced in time.
Fault messages are accepted on our hotline and automatically forwarded to the service engineer on standby based on priority. Fault messages from the digital remote plant monitoring will go right to the service office for planning deployments.

Your benefits in the scope of HM fault management

  • Quick reaction in case of faults
  • On-site analysis of the cause of the fault
  • Procurement of the required spare parts
  • Professional repair and recommissioning
  • Adjustment of the operating parameter control
  • Service report