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Mobile machine rooms

Container cooling systems or container cooling plants in the form of plug & play mobile machine rooms are a highlight at Hafner-Muschler.

In order to keep the time expenditure on site as low as possible when installing new process chillers and refrigeration units, HM has developed a container system for refrigeration units that only needs to be put down in the intended location and connected to the existing pipes.

The containers can generally be produced in nearly any dimension.

Standard dimensions of the HM mobile machine rooms

Width: 2.5 m/3 m/3.5 m/3.95 m (max.)
Length: 4 m/5 m/6 m/…/16 m (max.)
Height: 2.5 m/2.75 m/3 m (max.)

If it is not possible to place the required plant technology sensibly in one container, several containers can be easily assembled into a shared technology centre. The system is assembled and tested completely by Hafner-Muschler. Then the individual modules are separated again, taken to the site of setup and connected into a finished overall system on site in a few steps.

For more information on our container cooling systems, see our current brochure.

Advantages of the HM mobile machine rooms

  • Fast installation of the refrigeration units at the construction site
  • Industrial production of container cooling systems with high quality
  • No space demand in the building for engine room or refrigeration unit
  • Plug & play mobile machine rooms with pumps and control cabinet
  • Refrigeration unit, control cabinet and pumps are tested in the factory.
  • Space for recooler or liquefier on the container roof
  • Optimal shipping of the containers around the world
  • Everything from a single source: Consulting, planning, 3D-construction
  • Regenerative energy sources, heat recovery
  • Environmentally compatible refrigerants