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Refrigeration systems with container pump station

Refrigeration systems with central container pump stations are included in the HM refrigeration technology standard range. Open and closed pump circuits with various options of filters and operating materials are used here.

The cooling plants are offered in combination with freecoolers, as pure hydraulic stations or as container cooling systems with compression refrigeration circuit. The pump makes used are selected according to HM factory specifications or according to the customer's factory specifications. The cooling plants are industrially produced and characterised by high operational safety. The fittings and tubing comprise either of stainless steel or of ABS plastic.

Advantages of refrigeration systems with container pump stations

  • Design for cyclic use of the processes (process/electrical connection value)
  • Peak-load reduction from container volume optimisation and free cooling
  • Refrigeration plants with compact and energy-efficient build
  • Modular construction, permitting easy expansion
  • Setup and function test with pumps and control in the factory
  • Suitable for clean or contaminated media
  • Automated water refeed with fill level display
  • Solidly dyed liquid containers, leading to reduction of biological growth in the cooling circuit
  • Optional: Revolutions control of the pumps
  • Optional: Water preparation, softening, corrosion protection, filtration
  • Refrigeration technology with environmentally compatible refrigerants