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Free cooling

The refrigeration technology combination of liquid coolers with power-saving freecooler devices such as glycol coolers, self-emptying freecooler systems, evaporation cooling towers (axial or radial build) and hybrid coolers significantly lowers the share of mechanically produced refrigeration work.

The application temperature, time for which the cooling is used, number of operating hours or operating times at night, as well as weather data at the site of setup are decisive for the economic efficiency of a free cooling device.

If year-round cooling is required, a free cooling system can pay off in less than one year. At optimal use of the free cooling function, operating cost savings at up to 80 percent are possible. Hafner-Muschler consults its customers with defined analyses.

Advantages of refrigeration systems with free coolers

  • Usually quick amortisation by operating cost savings
  • Refrigeration technology and hydraulic plants in one system
  • Less wear from shorter runtime of the refrigeration units
  • This leads to longer service lives of the refrigeration units and lower maintenance costs
  • Additional safety (emergency cooling at failure of the chiller in winter)
  • CO2-savings/energy cost savings