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Propane refrigeration plant

New at HM:
Chillers with the natural refrigerants propane and propylene

Together with Swedish partner Frigadon, Hafner-Muschler has developed an innovative series of chillers in which natural hydrocarbons are used as refrigerants: Propane, propylene (also propene or R-1270).

Environmentally compatible, efficient and safe –
chillers with natural refrigerants

  • Increased plant efficiency
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Higher plant redundancy
  • Latest microprocessor controls
  • Matching nearly all refrigeration-technical applications

Standard design of the chillers with propane and propylene

  • Air-cooled build
  • EC-fans
  • Compressors make Bitzer, Bock
  • Propane-/propene refrigerants
  • Microchannel liquefiers

Available options of the chillers with propane and propylene

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Noise-reduced design
  • Speed-controlled compressor
  • Speed-controlled primary pumps
  • Cooling-water pump as double pump
  • Integrated buffer accumulator
  • Gas warning system
  • Heat recovery
  • Heating pump for heat recovery
  • Remote monitoring