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Ammonia refrigeration plant

New at HM:
Chillers with natural refrigerant ammonia (NH3)

Together with Italian partner company Zudek, HM has developed a series of environmentally compatible air- and liquid-cooled chillers in which the natural refrigerant ammonia (NH3) is used.

Environmentally compatible, efficient and safe –
chillers with natural refrigerant ammonia

• High-quality equipment
• Higher energy efficiency
• Simple installation
• Smooth transport
• Reduced maintenance demand
• Diverse refrigeration-technical applications

Airmatik® –
the air-cooled chiller for outdoor use

Airmatik® is an air-cooled ammonia chiller for outdoor setup. It is easy to install and works with very low ammonia fill levels. It combines power, reliability and environmental compatibility.

Airmatik® will meet all your refrigeration-technical requirements

• Power from 150 kW to 900 kW in a usage area of -15 °C to +20 °C and at an outdoor temperature of up to +47 °C
• Ammonia as a refrigerant
• Low-noise axial fans
• Microchannel aluminium liquefier with high heat transfer and lowest refrigerant content
• Flooded evaporation system of stainless steel or titanium
• Speed-controlled electrical motors with high efficiency class
• Self-supported steel structure
• Management system, monitoring and continuous remote control
• Optionally with heat recovery
• The Airmatik® is tested under full load conditions in the factory before delivery

Recumatik® –
the innovative water-cooled chiller/heat pump

Recumatik® is a water-cooled chiller or heat pump that permits concurrent heat and cold production.

Complete heat recovery at concurrent heat and cold production

• Available with piston or screw compressors
• Produced cooling output of 100 kW to 1,000 kW
• Highly efficient plate heat exchangers of stainless steel in shell & plate designs
• Water-cooled efficient electrical motors with inverter control
• Management system and permanent monitoring
• Set-up or separately installed electrical control cabinet
• For indoor setup or outdoor setup with housing

Strengths and benefits of Recumatik®

• Water heating at three different temperature levels up to max. 90 °C
• Heat recovery from condenser, desuperheater, compressor, electrical motor, supercooler
• Complete use of all energy flows
• Simple installation and transport
• Reduced maintenance demand thanks to the permanent monitoring system "Cybernetics"
• Very low-noise