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Chillers produce cold water with a cold water set. These refrigeration plants for cooling a liquid for industrial applications are designed for energy efficiency. Annual working figures are clearly improved by freecoolers, depending on the application temperature.

Integration of regenerative energies is possible in liquid coolers. Compressor types such as scroll compressors, piston compressors or screw compressors are used as compressors here. Customised cooling plants with heat recovery via desuperheaters, WRG-liquefiers or economizers are available to increase efficiency.

Advantages of the HM chiller & cold water sets

  • High economic efficiency at high availability
  • Optional: Design to life-cycle criteria
  • Process-oriented design possible (cold circuit, hydraulics, control and regulation)
  • Special sizes possible
  • Compact refrigeration units for outdoor setup, container systems, chillers for indoor setup
  • Optional: integrated power-saving freecoolers

HM chillers with various refrigerants