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Refrigeration technology plastic industry

Refrigeration technology in the plastic industry

For work processes subject to high thermal stress in the plastic industry, secure and efficient cooling of the production machines is indispensable. The concepts usually applied either pursue purely mechanical cooling, or mixed procedures. Not every offered cooling system meets the requirements to an operationally safe and energy-efficient system. The technical options have developed considerably in the last years.

Recording these and adjusting them precisely to the specific requirements that occur in injection moulding, calendaring, rotation forming, foaming or injection-blow-moulding has been our know-how for many years. The system performance, which we will calculate for each application on request, is at the focus before all else in this.

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Economically efficient and environmentally compatible cooling systems for the plastic-processing industry

There are various ways of influencing the economic efficiency and environmental compatibility of these systems. At low outdoor temperatures, we recommend using free cooling. This saves electrical energy. Supporting use of natural refrigerants avoids emissions of climate-stressing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Use of exhaust heat from cooling decisively contributes to improving the primary energy efficiency when it is used to heat buildings. The demand in heat from fossil fuels can be significantly reduced this way. If current peaks are to be smoothed, short-term load peaks balanced or redundancy increased, we recommend using an energy storage or latent energy storage.

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