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Refrigeration technology for the food trade

Refrigeration technology for the food trade

Turnover in goods requiring cooling in trade has been growing more strongly than in any other goods for years. Deep-frozen ready meals and fresh products require an uninterrupted cooling chain until the consumer puts the product into his cart. This development is also leading to a continuous increase of energy costs. The cooling-heating composite systems developed by HM specifically for trade are just in time.

Geothermally based composite system by HM wins environmental price

HM was the first company to produce a composite system based on geothermal energy for cooling and heating in a food supermarket. The food trader even received the environmental price of the state of Baden-Württemberg for this. HM also supplied the first supermarket with a cooling-heating composite system with latent-energy storage, to supply exhaust heat from commercial cooling for subsequent heat supply of the supermarket. Several significant benefits can be listed: Fossil fuels are not required; the heating demand is completely covered by energy storage. The ice supply formed during heating can be used to cool the building in summer. The total energy costs are lower than in conventional system technology.

All-round service of HM: From planning to turn-key installation

We plan the entire energy concept, determine the expected energy costs and install the complete turn-key cooling-heating composite system for deep-freeze and aftercooling stations, heating supply and the source-and-sink system.

Solutions for food retail with the optimal CO2-footprint:

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