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Cooling technology – cold storage

Cooling technology – cold storage

Certain foods, beverages or products from pharmaceutics and cosmetics have special temperature requirements for storage that are specified by the manufacturer or required by law. Automated procedures such as the hygiene management system according to the HACCP-concept* are available today for smooth temperature monitoring. To ensure that goods that spoil easily are processed, transported and offered to the end customer as freshly as possible, we take care of reliable cooling of the storage and logistics areas.

* Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept

Cold storage and cooling logistics are indispensable for temperature-sensitive goods

In particular for fresh goods and frozen goods, perfectly temperature-adjusted storage and logistic centres are indispensable for uninterrupted cooling along the supply chain. Thanks to our custom-planned cooling systems with smart control technology, temperature fluctuations are kept without narrow limits in order to offer best storage conditions for foods, highly sensitive medicines or chemical products in terms of quality, durability and service life.

Hafner-Muschler refrigeration systems are adapted to individual customer needs. From small fruit and vegetable cold storage to storages for large kitchens, to large cooling logistics centres with different temperature zones. We have the right solution for any demand.

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