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Corporate history

Hafner-Muschler looks back at 90-years of tradition and experience in the construction of refrigeration plants, which makes it a founding member of the industry in Germany. From the roots to this day, we have remained a leading manufacturer of refrigeration plants and products on the market.

The roots

  • Kälte Muschler GmbH
    • 1927 Founding of the company in Stuttgart
    • Crafts operation for electrical installations
    • From 1930 onwards production of chillers
    • Focus: Industrial refrigeration

  • Hafner Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH
    • 1963 founded in Balingen
    • Crafts operation for electrical installations
    • Focus: Air conditioning cooling, industrial refrigeration technology


Zent-Frenger takes over Hafner Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH


Zent-Frenger takes over Kälte Muschler GmbH


Merger into Hafner-Muschler Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH & Co. KG at the shared corporate seat of Balingen


Hafner-Muschler Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH & Co. KG is integrated into Hafner-Muschler Holding GmbH


Hafner-Muschler takes over the business activities of Dürr thermea GmbH (sales, planning and production including service of the proven thermeco2-product-range)

Technology milestones

  • 1990

    Particle accelerator CERN Geneva: Refrigeration systems for magnetic field cooling

  • 1996

    First industrial water refrigeration plant with the natural refrigerant propane

  • 2005

    EDEKA supermarket: first cooling-heating composite system with geothermal energy in the world

  • 2006

    Environmental prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg for geothermally supported cold-heat composite system of HM

  • 2007

    Mine in China: Turbo water-cooling system 5.5 MW for a mine in China

  • 2010

    Food supermarket: geothermally supported, transcritical CO2-cooling-heating composite system

  • 2011

    Deep-freeze storage: Prefabricated cooling centre with propane/CO2 cascade in container structure

  • 2013

    Student restaurant Studierendenwerk: Smart-ICE system with natural refrigerant propane (R290)

  • 2014

    Butcher's operation: Refrigeration plant with natural refrigerant ammonia

  • 2015

    Deep-freeze storage: 7 prefabricated cooling centres in container structure with propane, incl. refrigeration-technical installations

  • 2015

    Food supermarket: first transcritical CO2-cooling-heating-composite system in an ice bank

  • 2016

    Engineering: 400 kW industrial heat pump for operation on a latent energy storage (ice accumulator)

  • 2016

    Deutscher Kältepreis for the HM refrigeration plant of a dairy customer in the category "Installation of energy-efficient and sufficient refrigeration and air conditioning systems by small companies"

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