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Refrigeration systems with free cooler

The combination of liquid chillers with power-saving free cooling devices such as glycol chillers, self-emptying free cooling systems, evaporative cooling towers (axial or radial designs) and hybrid coolers allows the proportion of mechanically generated cooling work to be significantly reduced. Decisive for the viability of a free cooling system are the application temperature, the time for which cooling is required, the number of operating hours and/or night working hours and the weather data at the site of installation. If cooling is required all year round, a free cooling system can be amortised in less than one year. Where utilisation of the free cooling function is optimal, operating cost savings of up to 80% are possible. HM offers consultancy to clients with detailed analyses.

Benefits of refrigeration systems with free coolers:

  • Normally short amortisation time thanks to operating cost savings
  • Kältetechnik und hydraulische Anlagen in einem System
  • Reduced wear thanks to shorter operating times of the refrigeration components, thus longer service life of refrigeration components and reduced maintenance costs
  • Extra security (emergency cooling if refrigeration machine fails in winter)
  • CO2 and energy cost savings