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Glycol ice bank system

Ice banks are always used where a high cooling capacity is required for short, defined periods. Using ice as the cold storage medium, cooling temperatures of between 0 and 1 °C can be achieved. Should cooling temperatures of less than 0 °C be required, such as for storage tank cooling at a brewery, we recommend the use of a glycol ice bank  based on the HAF Ice coolant (-3 °C) developed by Hafner-Muschler. This allows processes to be cooled for short periods down to -3 °C.

Benefits of the HM glycol ice bank:

  • Cooling temperatures down to -3 °C
  • Low nominal cooling capacity of refrigerator unit and thus low electrical load
  • Use of low-cost electricity tariffs for making the ice, with future option of intelligent power meters (time-variable tariffs)
  • Economically viable (low electrical load, high melting capacity at low cooling temperatures)
  • Low servicing costs as refrigeration unit is small
  • Lower refrigerant filling quantity (no leakage testing under 3kg, climate-friendly)
  • Simple, user-friendly system construction
  • Plug-and-play technology, completely assembled and tested at our factory (24-hour test run for compact systems)
  • Installation on site for split systems if required

We offer: System services

  • Ready-to-run ice bank systems (complete with ice water pump, control cabinet, air injection etc.)
  • Customised ice banks to client's specification and to suit the space in which they will be installed
  • Ice banks with storage capacities from 10 to 1000 kWh and up to 1000 kW melting capacity
  • Ice storage systems with built-in or external refrigeration unit (water cooled, air cooled or split system)


  • Design of ice bank taking process reliability, energy load profiles, low tariff options offered by the power supply company and the site conditions into consideration
  • Consultancy, planning and execution
  • Service