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Hafner Muschler

Ice banks

HM offers an extensive range of products for ice storage systems. Our systems are being continuously developed or optimised. They are produced at our main plant in Balingen. HM is the market leader for ice storage of up to 1000 kWh storage capacity.

In breweries, dairies and the food industry, very high refrigerating capacities are required for short periods of time in the form of chilled or ice water. If this refrigerating capacity is to be provided to match refrigerating requirements, very large refrigerators with high electrical wattages must be maintained for this purpose. Use of stored ice as a coolant is current practice for cooling processes in many areas in the food, beverage, life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Very high discharge capacity with constant cold water temperature of approx. +1 °C
  • Cold is generated with comparatively small refrigeration units and small electrical load
  • Ice banks can be charged in low-tariff periods
  • Refrigeration can be linked into a load management system to avoid exceeding contractually agreed electricity volumes
  • Option: smart electricity meters and intelligent electricity grids (EU guideline 2009/28/EC) will allow electricity tariffs to be charged precisely in real time; this will allow possibilities of generating cold in the form of ice during low tariff periods and of using power from renewable energy sources, e.g. wind power

HM offers:

  • Ready-to-run ice bank systems (complete with ice water pump, control cabinet, refrigeration unit etc)
  • Customised ice banks to client's specification and to suit the space in which they will be installed
  • Ice banks with storage capacities from 10 to 1000 kWh and up to 1000 kW melting capacity
  • Ice storage systems with built-in or external refrigeration unit (water cooled, air cooled or split system)

Our services:

  • Design of ice bank taking process reliability, energy load profiles, low tariff options offered by the power supply company and the site conditions into consideration
  • Consultancy, planning and execution